Collection is between 8.00am and 9.30am. They will spend the day with  The team on an assortment of different walks with all different breeds of dogs. We will return your dog home between 3.30pm and 5.00pm. This is a very popular service especially with customers who travel to and from work in busy rush hour.


We take plenty of "school pictures" of your dogs out playing with their friends (please also see our Gallery) we often upload them to our Facebook page so you can see what they have up to.


If you find yourself getting a little anxious and need to get in touch, that’s fine! feel free to contact us whilst your dog is with us, and we will put you at ease.


To avoid boredom and loneliness at home we try to aim to keep your dogs out as long as we can, a minimum of your specified time, this means during quieter times we like to offer extra time at no extra cost! On these days we can offer a little extra like some training, helping to keep them mentally stimulated.



Twice a year, our lovely student canines get the chance to invite their mums and dads on a walk to meet their peers and catch up with the Pacey Pooches team. We arrange a Summer walk and Christmas walk to which all our clients are invited. Many people find this useful to share their experiences with the other customers and finally meet the dogs on the pictures they see.


We then end our walks (which go ahead what ever the weather) at a dog friendly pub for a bite to eat and a well earned drink. Our routes change to different locations to try and accommodate everyone.


For those of you with infant members of the canine world we like to help out. It can be hard knowing you may have to leave your little bundle of your joy for a while, them being so small and  vulnerable. At a discounted rate, we will help with lunch visits, puppy play time and help start with their first basic elements of training. Once they have had  their injections, they can come and join us aboard the Canine Fun Bus!


We are very conscious with the joints of puppies especially in the bigger breeds and keep a close eye on the amount of exercise they receive.



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