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 All customers gain a copy of the Terms and Conditions when they are new to us and are updated of any changes where needed.


Keys are to be provided or made available for each Dog Walk/ Pet Sit arranged.


Pacey Pooches reserve the right to charge for any walks which cannot be completed because they are unable to get into the property for whatever reason, unless previously discussed with the owner. e.g. Keys being left on inside of doors.


A 48hour cancellation period is needed for any one walk. If this is not used, then the walk will be charged at the normal rate.


1 weeks notice is also needed if termination of the service is needed.


Customers agree to raise any concerns about Pacey Pooches within 24 hours. This way, we can strive for the best possible service.


Incase of emergency, I permit Pacey Pooches to seek emergency veterinary care. Every effort will be made in order to contact the owner prior to emergency treatment. The customer must accept full responsibility of the veterinary cost and also authorise Pacey Pooches to use an alternative emergency service in the event that your dogs surgery is unavailable.


Customers will be solely responsible for any medical expense and damages resulting from injury to the Pacey Pooches staff or other persons, by the pet.


Pacey Pooches accepts no responsibility for the security of premises or loss, if other individuals have access to the home during the agreement.


Pacey Pooches are not held responsible for injury, disappearance, death or fines of any pet with unsupervised access to the outdoors.


Pacey Pooches shall not be held responsible for any damages to the client’s property or that of others caused by the pet during the time they are in our care.


All dogs must be up to date with worming and flea treatments. Vaccinations must also be valid.


We walk the dogs for 30 minutes or more, which will be strictly adhered to, but we reserve the right to use personal judgment to cut short a walk which would be in the best interests of the safety of your dog (e.g. weather conditions, injury, age of dog etc.)


Pacey Pooches reserve the right to terminate the agreement with the customer at any time and at its sole discretion. There is no term of contract in daily dog walking.


This agreement is valid for all future appointments until a new agreement is signed.






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